It is real ?

This website is 100% real with work with pharmacies to provide real grade pills .

How can I know this is real ?

We advise you to contact us by WhatsApp to require video product or picture before order if you are not sure .

How long is delivery?

Delivery depends of payment used

1 bitcoin 1-2 days

2 MoneyGram or western Union 2-4 days

3 bank transfer 4-7 days

What is minimum can I order ?

You need to buy minimum 100 products, you can add many different pills in cart to have total 100 pills or you can only add 100 of one type of product.

How can I do if I am not satisfied or not received my order ?

Immediately ask your refund using this code ( REF20) with your order number.

Can I use credit card or PayPal to pay ?

Yes you have possibility to

1 buy bitcoin with PayPal to pay for your order

2 you can use your credit or debit cart to send money online using MoneyGram or western Union.